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Our Responsibilities

As a leading employer, partner and organization in our region, it is our privilege to have the responsibilities that come with this role.

To the Forest

Our responsibilities to the forest are ones of sustainability, accountability, planning and ensuring the quality of our work and management. From the forests we identify for harvest, to the replanting and how we build access to these spaces, each step requires intensive planning, execution and review.

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To our partners

First Nations

Working with Indigenous Communities to honour the forests and create mutually beneficial working relationships.

Partners in Sustainability

Chaleur Forest Products takes great pride in the mutually beneficial working relationships that we have developed with regional First Nations over the past decades. These relationships are critical when developing a stewardship plan for forestry development.

Woodlot owners

At Chaleur Forest Products, we are proud to work with Private Woodlot Owners in an effort to ensure that the prosperity of the forests in our region is shared.

Partners in Prosperity

Chaleur Forest Products has always differentiated itself by having an intent focus on working with local woodlot owners to ensure that prosperity from the forestry industry reaches as many northern New Brunswick households as possible.
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Community Partners

We are proud to be lead sponsors, donors and participants in multiple organizations, events and initiatives around our region.

Growing Communities

We take pride in our leadership role within the region. And we know that our success only exists if the rest of the region can experience success. To that end, Chaleur Forest Products invests heavily in supporting local clubs, schools, events, initiatives and programs.
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To each other

At Chaleur Forest Products we take pride in our commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment. By being compliment to industry guidelines and regulations, we ensure the sustainability and quality of Chaleur Forest Products staff and facilities.