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Our Story

From humble beginnings to one of New Brunswick's Fastest Growing Companies!

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be a dynamic, growing and resilient wood products company that can effectively and efficiently adapt to the ever changing business environment and customer needs.

Our Mission 

Chaleur Forest Products will be a source of excellence for our customers, provide a supportive and professional work experience for our employees and be a respected corporate citizen with the objective to be a rewarding investment for our owners and a strong platform 

Corporate History

Who we are

Chaleur Forest Products is the result of the consolidation of two established forest product companies - Chaleur Sawmills and the Bathurst Sawmill.

The Bathurst Sawmill first opened in the 1970s, while construction of Chaleur Sawmills began in September 1994 with operations inaugurated in February 1995.

The logs used as raw materials come from both private woodlots and crown land. The professionally harvested spruce, fir and jack pine logs are mostly harvested from New Brunswick, although some come from outside the province, and arrive by truck.

The lumber is then marketed throughout North America, with the majority destined for the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

our locations


The Belledune facility houses our administrative offices on the same plot of land as our sawmill and planing operations.

Like the Bathurst Sawmill, here we also take harvested logs and saw them into ‘Rough Green’ lumber. All finished lumber bundles ship from Belledune via truck or railway.

The sawmill and planing operations are a completely automated line, staffed by experienced professionals producing 175 million board feet of lumber per year.

Bathurst Sawmill

The Bathurst facility houses a local administrative office on the same plot of land as our sawmill operations. Here we take harvested logs and saw them into lumber. Some of this lumber is directed into the economy in the form of bundles of what is called ‘Rough Green’. Most of the sawed lumber bundles then go to a kiln operation. that is designed to dry the wood to the optimal levels of moisture that are needed to facilitate planing the wood in order to produce multiple quality levels the market demands.

‘Rough Green’ is then shipped direct from Bathurst to clients across North America.

Lumber that is to be finished goes to our Belledune Planing Operations Centre to ensure consistency in wood quality and optimized delivery to customers across North America.

The Bathurst mill produces over 130 million board feet of lumber each year.


The Miramichi facility houses our state of the art Woodlands and Foresty Management business unit.

Here, Forestry professionals manage blocks of woodlands for harvesting and replanting. We also act as the manager for 945,000 hectares of Crown woodlands.

In this site, we manage the quality of the harvest; plan the building and maintenance of the road network for harvesting; assign harvesting to independent contractors providing jobs across the province; and also do all the Silviculture operations to ensure that New Brunswick has an ongoing supply of harvestable wood.

Presently we manage an annual timber harvest exceeding 1,450,000 cubic meters and we consume approximately 1,000,000 cubic meters of logs in our own mills each year.

And, as of today, we are planting over 7 million new trees every year on the lands that we manage.

Levels of Production

Chaleur Forest Products

At Chaleur Forest Products, we aren’t just about cutting down trees and making lumber.

We are committed to working towards the future - and that begins with being aggressively engaged in the silviculture process. At Chaleur Forest Products, sustainability is not just an afterthought. Continuously adding value to our forests is a hallmark of what we do.

Thanks to an engaged and dedicated team of more than 400 forestry experts at all three of our locations, that commitment to sustainability is all about ensuring that in our future we have as much, if not more, successful forestlands than we do today. To deliver on our commitment of “Always Adding More Value to our Forests”, Chaleur Forest Products operates three sites in New Brunswick. We have a sawmill operation based in Bathurst, a sawmill and planing operation in Belledune, and a woodlands and forestry management operation based in Miramichi.

Our state of the art mills have completely automated lines, producing over 300 million board feet of lumber per year in various dimensions and grades. The thickness of the high quality Eastern SPF lumber is between one and two inches, with a width of 3, 4 or 6 inches and lengths from 4 through 10 feet.

We also produce wood chips, bark, sawdust and shavings; which are sold to make wood pellets, to be used as biofuels and to heat four local hospitals.


Click the links bellow to see up to date maps of our approved Crown Operating plan and the DNR Management plan. These maps are updated monthly as changes are made and approved.



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