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Growing Communities

Community Partnerships

We are delighted to get the opportunity to work with and support a number of great organizations in New Brunswick and beyond. Our support can range from monetary donations to supplying building supplies or scholarships and bursaries. As we continue our work to build sustainable communities we encourage like-minded organizations to reach out for support.

Donations & support given

Over the past few years Chaleur Forest Products has taken on a renewed role as leaders not only in the forestry industry in Northern New Brunswick, but also through our intense focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. Although financial contributions, sponsorships and donations are just a part of how we grow the region, we are proud to be one of the region's largest donors to great causes, that "Grow our Region."

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We are privileged to be able to work with our indigenous partners, woodlot owners and the province to assume the responsibility for sustainable forestry practices within our privately held and crown forests.

Creating More Value

We are proud of the relationships that we have developed with private woodlot owners in our early years of operation, right up to today. At Chaleur Forest Products we work hard to ensure the value chain of the forestry industry is able to benefit all those involved, from the small private woodlot owner, to the entire province through access to crown forests. We treat our work as an investments for the long term benefit of all those involved.

Ensuring the Future

Producing high-quality and highly in-demand lumber products requires dedication to sustainability and responsible expansion methods. The forests we have access to are carefully managed through a robust and carefully crafted forest management plan. Our plan addresses the needs and concerns of environmental sustainability , indigenous communities, and the region we work in. Ensuring future generations of viable forests.