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Who we are

Chaleur Forest Products is the result of the consolidation of two established forest product companies - Chaleur Sawmills and the Bathurst Sawmill.

The Bathurst Sawmill first opened in the 1970s, while construction of Chaleur Sawmills began in September 1994 with operations inaugurated in February 1995.

The logs used as raw materials come from both private woodlots and crown land. The professionally harvested spruce, fir and jack pine logs are mostly harvested from New Brunswick, although some come from outside the province, and arrive by truck.

The lumber is then marketed throughout North America, with the majority destined for the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

Why Us

Join a Growing Team

Our commitment to quality and growth doesn't stop at the forests we manage, or the lumber we produce. Careers with Chaleur Forest Products provides opportunities for training and advancement.

We work hard to create a work environment that is safe and filled with opportunities that allow our team to lead fulfilling lives here in Northern New Brunswick.

Growing Communities


Private Woodlot Owners & First Nations Groups
We pride ourselves on working closely with independent woodlot owners and our Indigenous partners and neighbours to create rich beneficial relationships and sustainable management of resources.
Local Organizations & Teams
We are proud to work with many different local organizations, sports associations, volunteer groups and initiatives that grow and enrich the communities in which we operate.


Premium and select

Premium and Select grades are considered the highest quality lumber, from a ‘visual’ perspective.
They are not an ‘official’ grade according to either the National Lumber Grades Association (NLGA) or the Maritime Lumber Bureau (MLB) as the structure is no different than the # 2 and better grade, for construction purposes (strength).
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The # 2 and BTR grade, refers to lumber that meets the # 2 grade of both the NLGA and the MLB, and meets the structural requirements of home builders, including trusses, floor joists, etc.
It is considered the strongest grade. Several states in the US, require a # 2 and better stamp in their building codes.
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The “stud” grade would be considered an average, acceptable grade for certain use, but not all, building applications.
It is called “stud”, as it is generally used for the “studing” of the house, or construction of the interior walls, which are not used for structural integrity.
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Planer mill outs, or PMO, is considered the lowest quality lumber from a “visual” perspective.
It is not an “official” grade either, according to both the NLGA or MLB, as it contains several defects, and therefore does not meet the standard for home construction, as there is no structural value.
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